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Urbepedia is a wiki about all things urban – the experiences and challenges of city life in the 21st century, the history of cities and ideas about cities, current views on urban design and city planning, urban sustainability, the megacities of the developing world, how technology affects the way we live in cities, citizenship…

In 1800, approximately 3% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. In 1900 it was 14%, and in 2000, 47%. This year the global urban population is in the majority. The importance of creating and managing sustainable and liveable cities cannot be underestimated.

This wiki opens the door to everyone who has knowledge, ideas and experiences about cities to share them in an open forum. The open and collaborative exchange of information of wikis is an ideal model for the 21st century city. Please feel free to contribute to this collaborative effort. If you are new to wikis and Wikia, you can read the Wikipedia:How_to_edit_a_page and license information by following the links.

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Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody."--Jane Jacobs, Writer and Activist

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Aspects of Cities and Sustainability
  • Economics
    • Industrial Development
  • Environment
    • Disaster Mitigation
    • Nature Conservation
    • Pollution
    • Public Health
  • Infrastructure and Technology
    • Appropriate Technology
    • Communication
    • Energy and Power
    • Information Technology
    • Water
  • Mobility
    • Pedestrian Accessibility
    • Public Transport
    • Transportation
    • Universal Accessibility
  • Social
Processes of Making Cities
  • Planning
  • Design
    • Elements
    • Landscape
    • Public Space Design
    • Streetscape
    • Typology
  • Development
    • Building Conservation
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Gentrification
    • Reclamation
    • Redevelopment
    • Rejuvenation
Types of Cities and Regions
  • Developed Countries
  • Developing Countries
  • Megacities
  • Slum
  • Sprawl
Content Types Geographic Location
  • Africa
    • Central Africa
    • North Africa
    • South Africa
  • Asia
  • America
    • Central America
    • North America
    • South America
  • Europe
    • Eastern Europe
    • Western Europe
  • Oceania
    • Australia and New Zealand
    • Pacific Islands

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Featured Articles[]

About Cities[]

This section has descriptive information about cities and the nature of the urban.

  • History - History of the city
  • Cities - Information about particular cities
  • Megacities - Cities of 10million + inhabitants
  • Urban Fabric - Descriptions of bits of cities
  • Urban Elements - Streets, Parks, Plazas

Making Cities[]

This section is about the planning, design and creation of cities and urban spaces. It can include general information about the process of making cities as well as more specific information about particular projects.

  • Urban Design - About designing in the urban realm, at every scale
  • Planning Cities - Planning processes in different countries
  • Reconstruction of Cities - Approaches to reconstruction of cities following natural disasters or un-natural wars
  • Sustainable Cities - Ideas and information about how to minimise the environmental impact of cities, and how to ensure social and economic sustainability also
  • Politics and the City - How different models and levels of governement can affect cities.
  • Transport - Roads and cars, different modes and different approaches to public transport, moving goods around
  • Services - Water, electricity, comminications, gas
  • Technology - How technology is changing the city
  • Mapping - Different ways of mapping the city

Experiencing Cities[]

What it means and how it feels to live in a city, what makes a good city, how great it is to walk around in a city

  • Experiencing the City -
  • Liveability - What makes a city liveable
  • High Density Living -
  • Gardening in the City -
  • Street Trees -
  • Community Gardens -
  • Urban Sprawl and Suburbia -
  • Leftover Spaces -
  • Gender and the City -
  • Citizenship -
  • Homelessness and the City -
  • Public Housing -
  • Public Art -
  • Walking the City -

Imagining Cities[]

The idea of the City has captured the imagination, from the Biblical Heavenly City to Calvino's Invisible Cities to Batman's Gotham City. This section explores some of the ideas, metaphors and representations of the city.

  • Utopias -
  • Distopias -
  • Ideal Cities -
  • Cities in Literature -
  • Cities in Art -
  • Cities in Film -
  • Cities in Television -
  • Cybercities -